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Rental Hall Agreement


Function Hall Rental Agreement


This Rental Agreement is for the use of the function hall at Camp Lion of Lynn Mass., Inc. 181 Fays Ave. Lynn Ma. 01904.


            The rules and regulations for rental and use of this function hall are as follows:


1)   Payment must be received two (2) weeks before your scheduled rental agreement takes effect, Please send your payment to Payroll Express 120 Monroe St. Lynn Ma. 01904. The rent for the use of the function hall is $200.00 for four (4) hours use. (In addition, a security deposit of $200.00 is required, which will be refunded within seventy-two (72) hours of your function less deduction for any damage).  Any use of the hall for a period exceeding four (4) hours entails an additional rental of $200.00 per hour billed in full hour increments.


2)   Putting holes in any wall to hang or display anything by means of tacks, nails, screws or any other object will be considered damage to the property that you will be responsible for repairing.


3)   No Confetti


4)   Arrangements should be made with the Caretaker(s) of Camp Lion as to the number of people who will be attending your function (limit Sixth (60) people) and the desired placement of table and chairs; the Caretaker will set up the table and chairs for you, and also fold the table and chairs and put them away after your function is over.


5)   You should bring with you to your function trash bags sufficient in number to dispose of all waste and refuse after your function, and you should pick up and remove all debris and trash remaining after your function. (It is not necessary, however, that you sweep the floor).


6)   All trash bags properly secured and tied should be put in the dumpster on Camp Lions Property.


7)   Camp Lion does not provide food, beverages or Liquor; if you require these items you will need to bring them to your function and remove any such items after your function or otherwise properly dispose of these items as described above.


8)   The maximum number of people that you may have at your function, including children, is Sixty (60).


9)   Animals are not allowed in the function all except service animals, for the purpose of this agreement, service animal are animals that have been trained to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities.


10)   Use of Camp Lions grounds during your function must be arranged and approved prior to your function with the Caretaker(s), who have the right to terminate any agreement as to the use of such grounds if the use by any member of your group is deemed by the Caretaker(s) to be offensive, inappropriate or detrimental to the property of Camp Lion.


11)   Any offensive, inappropriate or illegal use of the premises of Camp Lion will subject any member of your group or organization to immediate ejection from the property of Camp Lion and such action shall be in the sole discretion of any of the Caretaker(s) of Camp Lion.


12)   If any person(s), weather a member of your group or a third party, is killed or injured as a result of the ingestion of intoxicating liquor or other mind altering substance(s) or by any other means by a member of your group while at Camp Lion, such as agents, servants, employees and your party itself may be responsible, and the person or persons serving alcoholic beverages or other mind altering substance(s) at your function could be held civilly responsible for any such death or injury.


13)   The heating and air conditioning units and stoves in the function hall are not to be regulated or otherwise handled by any member of your group unless authorized by the Caretaker(s) of Camp Lion.


14)   Automobiles for you and your guests may be parked in either of the two (2) parking lots in the area immediately in front of the Camp Lion Lodge and to the left of the function hall and automobiles should not be parked in the area behind the Camp Lion Lodge and in front of the function hall where there is hot topped road, except that road may be used to park vehicles for loading and unloading food and supplies for your function.


15)   Any damage caused to any property of Camp Lion during a function will be deemed to be the financial responsibility of the individual signing this Rental Agreement. It will be their obligation then to seek indemnification, reimbursement or contribution from the members of their party or function actually causing such damage. (The amount of any security deposit will be credited against the amount of any such damage and therefore the financial responsibility as described in this paragraph will be reduced by the amount of said security deposit).