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The History of Camp Lion

Situated on the Lynn-Salem border, Camp Lion, which consists of bedrock, forest and fields, was established in the late 1940’s to preserve some open space in the City of Lynn for the “recreational, educational and habitable use of the surrounding communities.” In 1952, the Lynn Lions Club established Camp Lion as a separate nonprofit organization, with its own board of directors, to oversee the property and determine the best uses for it. According to the founders of the organization, Camp Lion was established as a nonprofit organization to “maintain a properly supervised camp or camps dedicated to the better development and usefulness of such young people.” That mission has been a guiding value for Camp Lion’s five decades.

Back then, because Lynn-area Girl Scouts needed a place they could use, members of the Lynn Lions Club cleared brush, planted trees, developed trails, built buildings, laid water lines and generally developed part of the Camp Lion site.

In the mid-1960’s, Camp Lion board members agreed to further develop the property to provide space for the North Shore Council of Camp Fire USA. Camp Lion built additional buildings and created an area affectionately known as Camp Waluta, located on the Highland Ave.-side of the property.  Again, members of the Lynn Lions built buildings, pavilions and a swimming pool for use for Camp Fire. To connect the two camp sites, the Lions completed a trail that passes through forest, fields and pine groves, enabling the Girl Scouts and Camp Fire boys and girls to share facilities.

Camp Fire uses the Camp Waluta site to offer a traditional summer camp program to serve Lynn-area school-age children.  Over the past 40 years, thousands of Lynn-area children have benefited from the Camp Waluta program, designed to provide opportunities for campers to explore safe and fun outdoor camp activities, all under the guidance of qualified specialists and counselors.

Over time, a portion of the property was taken by eminent domain. And to raise funds to support programs and maintenance for the property as well as to keep the nonprofit organization self-sustaining, Camp Lion has identified a number of ways to generate funds, including renting out the facilities when not in use by Camp Fire or the Girl Scouts, leasing land for a cell phone tower.

Today, Camp Lion continues to serve the vision and mission that established the property 70 years ago.  Camp Lion includes several facilities available to the community, and its natural beauty is used and enjoyed year round by local groups and organizations.

There are a myriad of trails crisscrossing the Camp Lion property featuring pleasant and easy walks that wander over hills and ledges, through stone walls and fields, taking you to places of elegant beauty. One trail takes you through wild blueberries; another takes you through young saplings into a pine grove. And from a large rock outcrop several hundred feet above sea level,  you can see from the south shore of Boston to Cape Ann.