Camp Lion of Lynn, Ma., Inc. Supporting the youth of our community. Member Area

Mission Statement

Camp Lion’s first meeting for organization, and appoint the 23rd day of October, 1952

Official name: Camp Lion of Lynn, Mass., Inc.

The Purpose for which the corporation is formed are as follows:

To sponsor and carry on activities for the social, physical and mental betterment of young people; to own and maintain a properly supervised camp or camps dedicated to the better development and usefulness of such young people; to maintain a tract or tracts of wild woodland for the purpose of providing ample opportunity for recreation in the open air; to provide suitable surroundings for a camp; to prevent too near proximity of buildings and uses which might be deleterious to the camp; to buy, acquire, lease, mortgage, encumber, sell and convey real and personal property; and to carry on in connection with the above purpose of the corporation, provided that this corporation shall operate and function exclusively as a charitable corporation. And no profit shall be distributed among its members.